Mandall BarrierWorks, LLC is located in Phoenix, AZ and is part of the ArmorWorks family of advanced protection solutions companies. Originally, as Mandall Armor Design & Mfg., Inc., this small, privately-owned company has operated since 1990 to develop and produce armor and security products for the US market.  Our innovative advancements in armor design provide provide superior anti-terrorist protection for both government and commercial installations.  

Our dedication to intelligent testing, research, design, and manufacturing of quality security products has provided the aerospace, semiconductor processing, and other high-tech industries with innovative solutions tailored to each customer's needs.


Today, our capabilities include:

  • Conceptual design and new product development
  • Engineering and manufacturing services

  • Lock design and manufacturing
  • Next-generation doors for advanced security protection
  • Advanced steel ballistic/blast armor for vehicles and other platforms
  • Development of advanced ballistic materials and systems
  • Ballistic testing
  • Fabrication of difficult-to-machine materials
  • CNC machining, plasma cutting, manual and robotic welding
  • Design and fabrication of bullet-proof lighting and other fixtures


We recently completed a project requiring the design, manufacture, and installation of steel armored cabs for the U.S. Navy SeaBees' heavy construction equipment vehicles.  The design and final cab construction protects against both ballistic and blast threats as specified by the customer.   The armored cab on the U.S. Navy's D7G Dozer is shown at the right.


We continue to provide a unique blend of flexible, innovative design with competent, state-of-the-art manufacturing capabilities to meet our customers' requirements.  Our strong and loyal customer alliances are focused on two-way exchanges of ideas and experience, creating tailored and efficient solutions for our clients.

Mandall BarrierWorks produces both a line of standard items sold in specialized markets and a variety of custom products engineered to specific technical requirements.  We are at the forefront in production of specialty armored products with high tech specialization in blast mitigation.  We specialize in the design and production of active and passive security doors for the nuclear security industry.  Our product line also includes armor-plated one- and two-man portable fighting positions used by the United States military and permanently-installed guard posts used in the nuclear power industry.


We focus on customer service and quality support, and offer rapid-response warranty maintenance on all high security doors to ensure and maintain their high quality efficiency rating.  Mandall BarrierWorks has targeted the Nuclear Security industry as well as the United States government in its effort to provide high quality protection products designed to meet client needs.  Our Phoenix High Security Door is shown at the left. 


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Mandall BarrierWorks, LLC

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